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Physical exertion is the main source in energizing the muscles. We always apply effort while we engage in everyday normal activities such as walking, running, stair-climbing or even in rushing.

Any extra effort we execute means draining our energy, affecting cells, tissues and body mass. If energy replacement comes insufficient, chances are the feeling of fatigue that might lead to injuries, long-term pain or illness.

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The supply for energy must meet its body’s demand to resist muscle strain and over-exhaustion. However, there are factors that hinder one’s resistance to withstand physical stress like athletic activities, gym exercises, sprints or even a long walk.

If you suffer from illness, naturally you cannot do these exercises. Age, being a delicate and offending matter, counts a lot in determining physical capacity. Physical exhaustion, where the feeling of over-stressed or fatigue takes place the moment the body runs out of energy.

Corvalen offers a lot of health benefits to restore energy in the muscular system. Clinical studies have proven that regular supplementation of Corvalen increased extra performance and tolerance to hyper-activity.  Its prime composition of D-Ribose aids to level-up energy and recover from the stress with a lot of ease, consequently stating, it regulates metabolism.

Dejected cellular energy levels might contribute to a multitude physiological disorders that hamper the muscular system such as:

  • Commencement of cell-attacking enzymes
  • Damaged muscle fiber and cell membrane
  • Swelling or edematous condition
  • Muscle strains and irregularities (soreness, stiffness, weakness that led to delayed   recovery from any strenuous activity)
  • Production of radical compounds that delays macromolecular synthesis
  • Fatigue and over-exhaustion

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Laboratory tests have shown that the use of Corvalen as heart health supplement not only restores energy but also reduces risks of coronary diseases such as hypertrophy (thickened heart muscles) leading to congestive heart failure.  Insufficient oxygen supply causes the heart to employ energy much faster than its normal energy turnover, the result of which means exhaustion of cellular energy reserves leading to chronic diastolic dysfunction.

The medical authority stated that our blood pressure’s diastolic phase is how our heart relaxes and pumps blood for the succeeding heartbeats. Such malfunctioning irregularity may result to energy loss, fatigue and shortness of breath that affects oxygen supply for the heart.  It aids to increase cardiac energy normalizing fuel supply for the heart.  Athletes taking Corvalen supplements experienced instant rejuvenation after engaging in their respective sports.

Older patients, because of age problem, are constantly heard of muscles and bones complaints but the recent studies showed that seniors who have taken it for two weeks (consuming 2 tabs per day) could easily feel its enormous effect, a stress-buster and energy-booster for a lot of them.

Cardiopulmonary test results showed users could easily recover from any aerobic activity especially after workouts.  Breathing was regulated and performances reached its peak. They were no longer prone to fatigue, muscles and joints pains, thereby maximizing their day-to-day activities. This quality of health plus a good mental outlook measures up longevity that everyone so desire, all within a bottle of Corvalen

Some Clinical Studies:

1. D-Ribose tested for twenty (20) patients suffering from chest pain and coronary artery disease
On the third day of use, there was a 20% increased performance in walking time on a treadmill attributed to D-Ribose supplementation,
Findings showed decreased the risk of ischemia (insufficient blood supply to the brain and heart) eliminated obstruction of the arteries and caused good blood inflow

2.  Assessing results from fifteen (15) persons (with Class II and Class III congestive heart failure; coronary artery disease) being supplied of D-Ribose
Echocardiography showed the supplement’s atrial natriuretic factor shortened E wave, enhanced its contribution to the heart’s left ventricular filling and regulate its dimension. Increased life’s quality by 12% upon measurement from a validated scale.

3.  Conducted a clinical trial of D-Ribose on fourteen (14) patients suffering from congestive heart failure (Class II and Class III, NYHA) , measuring the cycle of gas exchange through ergometry is frequently monitored (before and after treatment), the aim of which was to maximize

Adapting the right exercise regimen, patients have increased survival from a coronary heart disease due to better ventilator efficiency, a strong indicator of heart failure.
Increased in tolerance to exercise, hypoxic threshold, and VO2max that reduced shortness of breath

4.  Examined D-Ribose administration on twenty-seven (27) patients who have undergone open heart surgery


The seven-day post surgical recovery revealed significant depression on ejection fraction in placebo group, 80% of which were declined, and only 20% were declined in the D-Ribose group.

5.  Comparative results of patients suffering from coronary artery disease between 143 patients who have been orally administered of D-Ribose against patients with no supplementation prescribed.


Prevented cardiopulmonary bypass per-operative deaths and post-operative myocardial infractions
D- Ribose treated patients revealed a 43% significant improvement in cardiac output and surface areas.  Those without the supplement showed a slim result of only 13%.

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6.   An open-label clinical trial of fifteen (15) patients suffering from congestive heart failure, under category Class III (9), and those under Class IV (6) was executed for eight (8) weeks


Improved ventilator efficiency, O2 uptake, and O2 pulse

7.  Administered an open-label uncontrolled pilot study of D-Ribose supplementation for forty-one (41) participants with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome.


Patients subjected to the questionnaires revealed significant improvement in five (5) VAS (Visual Analog Scale) categories: sleep, mental clarity, pain intensity, energy and well-being

66% of the patients showed tremendous improvement in health (with an average VAS energy level of 45%, and an average of 30% on VAS well being)

Patients demonstrated good sense of global assessment.

It is not just a fancy brand’s name of a D-Ribose supplement; it has been proven best selling in any pharmaceutical outlets due to its wide benefits.  Others will not settle for anything less, there are wide varieties of D-Ribose supplements in the drugstores today, even on great deals in the internet, but, do not be deceived when they offer a cheaper price.

Corvalen brand is the best buy as many claimed its superb formulation in promoting a healthy, meaningful life.  Saying goodbye to achy, stiff, breaking muscles and unbearable pain is a good outlook to adapt yourself well in any work/activity to accomplish.

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